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Casting Compounds

TI casting compounds have been developed over a period of 23 years and our capabilities as formulators of mandrel compounds span a period of almost 40 years.  We feel that TI Compounds have advanced the “State of the Art” by eliminating all the disadvantages commonly associated with mandrel compounds currently in use.  TI Compounds are the perfect answer for low cost per pound, high strength, total reproducibility, wash-away rigid mandrels used for composite lay-up.

Because of the hydroscopic nature of our casting compounds, they tend to absorb moisture when exposed to the atmosphere and in high humidity the rate is greatly accelerated.  Because of this characteristic, our mandrels should never be around the wash out area or in any humid conditions. 

Our casting compounds are sold in 5 gallon plastic DOT pails and if kept in a dry cool area will remain constant for six months providing the pails are unopened.

TI Casting Compounds are blended to order to your specific needs and are shipped usually the day they are manufactured, assuring fresh product at all times.

There are four individual formulas that we sell, that range from heat resistance of 290°F to 475°.  These formulas provide the ideal heat transfer required as per most prepreg manufacturer’s cure cycles.

The best characteristic of our casting compounds, however, is that is virtually eliminates scrap in  both mandrel fabrication and in composite fabrication.  If a mandrel is not poured properly or is damaged taking it out of the mold, just break it up and throw the pieces back into the melter, no scrap, no wasted time.  Regarding the composite parts themselves, the fact that the mandrel is washed out with steam or hot water and not chipped away eliminates 50% of composite scrap making our compounds more time efficient and more cost effective than current sand bladder or plaster mandrels used today.