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TI System Wash-Away Casting Compound

TI System is the “State of the Art” hot melt casting compound that is non-toxic, sets up in seconds, water soluble and remeltable.  During casting it will pick up the most complex details time after time and when washed out will offer ecological benefits.

TI System pours and casts similar to low temperature metal combinations.  For any given core, by adjusting pour temperature, mold temperature and timing, the ideal combination can  be readily determined.  By consulting the Physical Properties sheet that applies to the material being used, the melt out, pour temperature and casting temperature may be found as well as suggested mold temperatures.

To eliminate pour lines in solid cores, raise the mold temperature to near suggested maximum and pour TI System at near maximum temperature as suggested on the Properties sheet.


  1. On most hollow cores, pour TI System at approximately 15-20 degrees F above minimum melt and pour temperature as indicated on the Properties sheet.
  2. Pour mold full and wait approximately 30-45 seconds.
  3. Pour TI System out of mold and back into the melter.
  4. Wait a few minutes then break open mold and remove core.  (If pour lines occur, heat mold to minimum temperature prior to pouring).


  1. Pour mold full of TI System and wait 30-45 seconds.
  2. Pour TI System out of mold and back into melter and wait 5 minutes, leaving core in mold.
  3. With core remaining in mold, repour material back into hollow core until full and wait 30 seconds.
  4. Pour material out of mold and wait a few minutes.
  5. Break open mold and remove core.

Caution:  Leaving the mold full of molten material too long could result in uneven wall thickness.


  1. TOOLING REQUIREMENTS:  TI System Casting Compounds are used at elevated temperatures.  Tools or molds must be constructed with the ability to withstand high temperatures and initial thermal shock.  Laminated high temperature epoxy system tools are normally used, however, some users are now moving to “cast to size” aluminum tools or molds as the shrink factor is the same.  The advantage being that aluminum will not degradate with repeated cycling as do epoxy tools plus the surface finish of the cast mandrel is far superior.  Tooling is of the split flanged type with ribbed backing in any case.

    1. A good quality melting pot is very important to achieve optimum performance from TI System compounds.  The melter shall be electrically heated, cylindrical with multiple circuit blanket type elements to apply uniform heat to the entire bottom and up the side walls to approximately 75% of the wall height.  Heat should be evenly distributed at a low watt density  (approximately 5 watts per square inch maximum), thereby eliminating the danger of “hot “ spots.
    2. TANK CONTROL:  Accurate variable dial thermostats to control the wall temperature are required and temperature range should be from 200°F-550°F.
    3. OUTLET VALVES:   Great care should be used in the selection of the outlet valve.  It shall be electrically heated and thermostatically controlled.  Either slide or gate type is acceptable. Construction may be either brass or stainless steel.  Keep in mind that the outlet valve temperature must be a minimum of 100°F hotter than the melted material.  This is necessary to prevent “freezing” of the material during evacuation because of the eutectic nature of these compounds.  Usually cartridge type heaters perform the best.
    4. AGITATOR:  The purpose of agitating the material being heated is to distribute heat more evenly , to maintain inert materials in suspension and to reduce melt down time.  Agitators are usually motor driven by right angle reduction gear motors of the fully enclosed type.  Agitator blades are a simple 2 blade gate like which nearly scrape the sides of the tank wall and with approximately a ˝” clearance above the bottom.