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The TI International Insul-Duct®

Insul-Duct® was developed in 1995 and is currently being used on the V-22, Osprey helicopter produced by Boeing Helicopter in Philadelphia.

Looking at our pictures, you can see that it looks like any ordinary duct, however, by dissecting the sample you will see that the insulation has been intregally sealed between the plies of prepregs and co-cured.  This is done in all one process and the advantages to this process over current insulated ducts are as follows:

  • Labor to fabricate is cut by 1/3
  • More cost effective
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • More tolerant of handling during installation and/or replacement or repair.
  • 50% Weight Saving
  • Intregally sealed and insulated to prevent moisture and/or leakage.
  • 50% Space Saving from old outdated outer insulated ducting.

The insulation used can be fabricated with a variety of thicknesses.  All which have a service temperature between 2300-3000°F.  (See enclosed property sheet on Fiberfrax ).  The prepreg used can be of any type to fit your application.   

Future aircrafts depend on light weight and compact design to compete in today’s aerospace industry.  Our Insul-Duct® can help accomplish these goals.