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The Complete Mandrel Fabrication Outline is now available for TI International customers.

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Expendable Mandrels

TI expendable mandrels have made the composite industry virtually scrap free for the past 20 years, requiring simply hot water or a hot water pressure washer to completely dissolve the inside of the composite assembly.

TI mandrels give you total reproductability and a perfect image of the inside of your tool.  Due to this attribute, aluminum because of its smooth finish produces the best looking mandrels and is virtually maintenance free.  Another reason that aluminum works so well is the fact that the shrinkage factor of our compound is the same as aluminum, .008 in/in.  Another good reason to use aluminum is the fact that it cools down faster allowing you to pour one after another very quickly.

Because the compound is a liquid and poured into a mold and then washed out afterwards allows us to make extremely complicated ducts and assemblies very quickly and easily.

Our finished mandrels are very easily stored as they are coated with a release/barrier coating and sealed in individual poly bags with desiccants if applicable.  They can be stored in a cool dry area for at least three months without losing their integrity.

The finished mandrels may be sanded to eliminate any parting lines, repaired with soldering irons and extra material to correct chips and fill in holes and finally if porosity is present, a light-weight spackling compound can be used.

And finally due to the high strength of our mandrel compound, TI mandrels can be poured hollow to decrease the weight and become more cost effective and time efficient.  They will withstand the pressure from autoclaves provided the inside is stuffed with material such as air-weave or equivalent.

Washing away our mandrel compound does not require any special equipment as our material is toxic free.  A simple filtration system is more than adequate as our fillers settle to the bottom of the wash out tank and can be easily scooped out and thrown away.