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TI International's Clients

TI is proud of their accomplishments over the last 25 years and has been fortunate enough to work with the most sophisticated companies in the world.  Not only have we dealt with the top aerospace companies but also we have also sponsored a few racing teams as well.  Throughout the composite industry, TI is noted for their excellent quality, constant support and just in time delivery.

Current Customers:

AIM Aviation Company
Fuji Industries
General Dynamics
 Lockheed Martin
Raytheon Aircraft
Senior Aerospace
Unitech Composites

We have sponsored and supported the following racing teams:

McClaron Formula 1
Williams Formula 1
NewmanHaas Indy
University of Wisconsin-Madison Formula SAE

We are also very proud of our quality and have been approved for our Quality System by the following:

Allied Signal
Boeing Helicopter
GKN Westland
Meggatt Thermo Systems
Northrop Grumman
Shaw Aero Devices
The Boeing Company