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About TI International

TI International has been servicing the Aerospace Composite Industry since 1983 -- first, with our TI System Casting Compounds, then our rigid wash-away mandrels and finally in 1987, completed composite assemblies. Not only have we furnished these services in the U.S. but abroad as well.

During the past years, TI International has assisted many customers in many development projects. The most prominent of these include:

  • 50% of AH64 Apache Ducting Program
  • MD88 Delta Sidewall and Iberia Galley Vent Ducting
  • MD90 Avionics Cooling and APU Vent Ducting
  • MD80/90 FWD Dropper Ducts, Cockpit Assembly
  • MD80/95/717 Recirculation Ducting
  • Gulfstream IV Conditioned Air Ducting
  • TI designed Insul-Ducts® for Boeing Helicopter V22 Ospray
  • Escutcheons for the C-17.
  • Door Seals for MD80/90.
  • Insul-Duct® Assemblies
  • Purge Ducting for the X33 RLV program.
  • Entire waste drain systems for Shaw Aero Devices
In all, TI International has manufactured hundreds of composite assemblies for the aerospace and aircraft industry.